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What Is Ethical Sourcing SQFI?

The food industry has many sectors and countless industries that are all involved in getting the needed food products to the market. There is a need for regulating or controlling the processes and activities involved in the production of the final products to the consumers. The regulations are set for every individual that is involved in every stage of food production right from the producer to the final consumer.

Different industries that are involved in sourcing raw food products and processing them or making them market-ready are regulated by a global body. Or better put, they operate according to the set standards that are accepted globally. These standards are what is consolidated in the SQF document known as Safe Quality food Standards.

SQF is a certification scheme that is created and operated by the SQFI (Safe Quality Food Institute). The main purpose of this institute if to co0ntrol food safety risks that are sometimes transferred to the consumers all the way from the producers.

Ethical Sourcing Standards

Consumers want an assurance that the food and other related products that get to them are safe. This assurance can only be evident if you are certified by a third party that is licensed by the SQFI. Consumers need to be sure of the growth of the food, transportation, and processing is done according to the set standards that will ensure its safety and has minimum impact on the environment. Some will even consider social factors such as labor and the working conditions at every stage of the supply chain before they can accept the product.

Ethical Sourcing Standards are voluntary and should by no means replace other food regulations. It is for your own benefit to adhere or conform to these Ethical Sourcing Standards as you need to only deliver what consumers want. And it is not all about conforming to the standards as consumers will by no means know about it if you are certified by relevant parties.


The need to maintain the standards

Ethical Sourcing standards are only to appease customers. If you are involved in food manufacturing or processing, then you should be able to eat what you produced yourself. Think of your customers or consumers of your product as your friends, valued ones, or even yourself. Would you prefer using what will harm you in any way or source your products from non-reputable suppliers who don’t keep to the standards?

It may seem complex, but everything is logical. Ethical Sourcing SQFI steps in to set the standards that will once more give consumers assurance and confidence that they need to consume what gets to the market. The consumers are never there at the farmers’ site, transportation, manufacturing, or processing site, but still, need an assurance that everything was done according to their expectations. It is the role of SQFI to make it possible.

As a producer, supplier, manufacturer, distributor, whole-seller, or retailer, you need to understand what these standards are and conform to them. After implementing the SQI standard Systems, you still need to get certified, as that is the only way those who depend on you in the supply chain will be sure of the quality of products or services that you offer. Maintaining these standards is for your own good, and they are voluntary.

What is the difference between SQF, SQFI, and GFSI?

SQF is the standard set by the SQFI. GFSI, on the other hand, is a global network comprising of many manufacturers and retailers. This is the organization that is responsible for setting up the goals that are to be achieved by all companies involved in the food supply chain.

There are many training centers and food safety certification bodies out there. It is the role of GFSI to set standards for all of them while SQFI is responsible for licensing them. The licensed standard body has auditors who are responsible for auditing and certifying your company if it meets all the requirements.

Benefits of Ethical Sourcing Standards

We have talked in detail about this section in our other post. Just navigate through to find out more information on how you and your business can benefit from this voluntary certification. Even though everything is done at will, you will still be able to grow your business significantly if you comply with the standards and regulations set by the relevant bodies.

We are not going into the bolts and nuts of this topic in this post as we already have a dedicated page for it. However, we are only going to highlight some of the key benefits of SQF Standard conformance and certification. These are as listed below:

  • Helps in better management of risks that can come out of negligence
  • Very essential if you need to expand your business or territory
  • Makes it easier to win and maintain customers
  • It becomes simpler top conforms to other food regulations set by the government
  • Both parties from producers to consumers all benefit from these standards.

How to get your company certified?

Also, we have a dedicated page with details on how you can get your company audited. Just navigate our page to find out all you need to know about the certification steps. The certification begins with auditing that is tailored depending on the certification level and the food sector that you are in.

Certification is an assurance that your customers have that you have implemented the SQF Standard system. It outlines your commitment to produce safe quality food, comply with the SQF code, and all other applicable food regulations.

To get your company certified you need training on the SQF Codes. You will then implement the SQF Standard system before calling a licensed third party to audit and grant the certification. You don’t have to move further if you are ready for certification. ISO-Pros has experienced auditors who have been handy in helping many different clients in the food industry to complete their certification. Just contact us to also get what you need. With our many years of experience, there is nothing impossible.