Benefits-Ethical Sourcing SQFI-ISO Pros #14

Benefits of Ethical Sourcing SQFI

The social and environmental impacts of the food industry are increasingly growing. Different companies and food brands now need to be more concerned about the need to address the pressure that comes from the consumers who have raised their concerns to be aware of how the various food products are manufactured. It is not all about meeting the demands for the products that the market needs.

Consumers do not have any other means of knowing whether or not you are conforming to the SQF standards if you don’t have the badge that confirms your conformity. Different companies in the United States are increasingly seeking for ways of getting this crucial badge.

SQFI certification comes with very many benefits, not just what we have mentioned in this article so far. If you are in the food sector, then you are going to learn a lot about the benefits that you stand to gain when you get your company certified. In this article, we are going to discuss most of the major benefits of Ethical Sourcing SQFI. However, we also encourage you to explore more as we may not exploit everything in this our Short post.

What are the benefits?

Production of safe food and other related products is key. You can only manage this by avoiding all the risks that can poison your products and ruin your company’s reputation. But how do you manage all the related risks? Establishing and implementing an effective SQF standard system is the best way to keep everything under control. With all the measures and recommendations outlined in the SQF, you are sure to take safe and quality food to the market.

What do you think will happen when your food products turn out to be health hazards? The damage will be probably great and irreparable. It will take you many more years to regain the lost reputation. And as they say, one bad reputation will spoil all the good reputations that you have gained throughout your operations.

As a food-manufacturing or processing company, you have all the right to ask for certification from your suppliers. The same is true for your customers. They can pop in at any time and ask you for SQFI certification that proves you comply with the standards of the industry. The chances are that you will lose your customers to the competitors who already have the needed certification, especially during this hard time when Coronavirus is on the headline.

Expanding your market will be a bit easier if you are actively involved in maintaining both the quality and safety standards set in your industry. The international clients and some of the local clients will probably ask for SQFI certification if you present your products to them. To give your marketing team something solid to hold on during the marketing operation, get certification for your company.

The SQF certification means everything for the growth of your company. For your information, none of the major companies that you see around is not already certified. If you are dreaming big for your company, then your dreams will only be realized after getting the certifications needed.

The food industry is one of the heavily regulated industries because it deals with products that are directly consumed and have an impact on human lives instantaneously. You never know when your government will come up with new regulations that can affect your operations. So, if you are planning to be least affected by the new regulations and laws that come in place, then you need to get certification and maintain your certification status.

There have been new regulations alr4eady with the introduction of edition 8 of SQF standards, which came into effect in the year 2018. This new version increases your readiness to conform to the current and upcoming requirements being set by FSMA.



How do you get SQF Certification for your company?

For you to enjoy the benefits outlined above, you need to be first certified as it is the only proof for conformity. When starting a business, we believe that you have goals to achieve. And one of the goals that are in every entrepreneurs’ mind is how to grow your business. You need to get a certificate that proves to everyone that you conform to the food quality and safety standards.

Getting a certification is not a complex process. We have a post dedicated to just this. However, we are going to quickly summarize the requirements and how our professional editors can help you in getting SQF Certified.

We are a licensed team of auditors who have served this industry for many years. For you to get certified by our experts, you will need to take the necessary training on the SQF Standards specific to your industry at any licensed training center. You then need to implement the standards and then book an appointment with us for auditing.

Auditing can be done once or multiple times depending on how well your company conforms to the standards and requirements. Our auditors will check each and every process according to the GSQF standards and advise you accordingly if you don’t pass in the first step. The audition helps you in getting a room for improvement and apply the recommended changes before the second round of auditing.

After a successful auditing session, you will be issued with a certificate that proves your conformance. This is what you really need to show the world that you take the environmental, social, and economic responsibility in all the processes that you do to take food products to the market. You can also check on our home page to know more about these responsibilities as we have talked much about them there.

Contact us for an instant quote on auditing and certification. We have experts who are ready to help you in overcoming everything that you go through. You can also talk to for any other information that you need to know about SQF certification.